Training Facilities
Training is one of the most vital aspect in achieving proficiency and professional competence in service delivery to the customers. Realizing its importance company has established exclusive training school for basic training in Islamabad and other Regional Offices. Therefore, before deployment, guard force has to undergo training phase in Government approved training schools for two weeks, in this regard the customer feedback/input is mandatory in achieving desired standards from a vigilant/dutiful guard. The basic training culminates at firing practice with the same weapon being used subsequently at place of duty till refresher training. The key elements taught during training are listed below:

Mandatory Training Syllabus

  • Basic Company policies and procedures.
  • Operations Manual for Guard Force includes all procedures to be followed in all situations.
  • Role / Turnout of Security Guard.
  • Preventive Measures.
  • Access Control / Material Control.
  • Post Relieving / Handing / Taking of duty charge.
  • Counter Measures / Emergency Response.
  • Fire Extinction Measures.
  • Fire Protection Equipment.
  • First Aid.
  • Customer Relations.
  • Weapon Handling.
  • Use of force / Deadly Force.
  • Firing Practice.

On Demand Special Courses

  • Offensive & Defensive Driving Course.
  • Built up area fighting & clearance course.
  • CQB Training (Snap shooting, sharp shooting, reflex shooting for mental agility)
  • QRC (Quick Reaction Course).
  • LIC (Low Intensity Conflict Resolution Course).